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The science of life.

The study of biology teaches us about the nature of living matter, explains our relationship to the natural world, and provides a solid foundation for careers in biology and related fields.

Students interested in biology at the chemical level may opt to major in biology with a concentration in biochemistry. Premedical students are often biology majors; the major also dovetails nicely with environmental study.

At Washington College students work in close relationships with their instructors, and many choose to participate in undergraduate research. The recently completed John Toll Science Center, with its modern, well-equipped laboratories, is an ideal setting for hands-on learning. Because of our location on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, courses and faculty interests are often oriented toward the environment and the Chesapeake Bay.



Recent Stories

  • As a captain in the U.S. Air Force, Christopher Smith ’07 is completing his dentistry education in one of the top oral surgery residencies in the country, helping repair the trauma suffered by veterans and civilians alike. 

  • On October 13 at 5:30 p.m. in Decker Theatre, The Invention of Nature author Andrea Wulf will discuss von Humboldt’s remarkable life and lasting influence with senior Smithsonian curator Eleanor Harvey and John Carter Brown Library Director Neil Safier.
  • Combining her love for veterinary medicine with writing, Katelyn Laury ’12 has written a book that tells the story of a special dog and comforts children facing craniofacial surgery.

  • Working as a NOAA intern, Erika Koontz helped map a national marine sanctuary and gained deeper insight into the relationship between research and resource management. 

  • Gabrielle James ’13 has never stopped exploring since graduating from Washington College, but she’s finally slowed down enough to take the next step in her goal of becoming a pediatric neurosurgeon—starting medical school.