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Art & Art History

New Studio Curriculum Fact Sheet

The Art and Art History Department has recently completed a major revision of the studio curriculum focused on increased rigor, collaboration between students and between students and art faculty, and greater interdisciplinary focus. Courses have been restructured to lessen media-specific classes and emphasize conceptual depth and fluidity between media.  

General Distribution and Introductory Gateway Courses: Although any art or art history class can count towards general distribution requirements, the following courses do not have pre-reqs and are appropriate for any student, from freshman to senior. These courses provide introductory exposure to the studio curriculum and are accessible for non-art majors and students considering a major or minor in Art. All of these courses introduce students to foundational studio skills, contemporary art concepts, and more generally to problem-solving, research, and collaboration:

Art 251 Visual and Critical Thinking 
Art 261 Intermedia_D
Art 271 Intermedia_P
Art 281 Intermedia_S
Art 291 Intermedia_VNM

We recommend students read the course descriptions and talk to studio faculty to decide which they are best suited for (see course descriptions in our Art and Art History Catalog).

Intermedia Courses: the Intermedia-designated courses each begin from a drawing, painting, sculpture or video/new media perspective respectively. Each will introduce the basic skills, materials, concepts, and art historical precedents for that medium, while also making connections with other art media. Students are encouraged to explore alternative media and approaches as appropriate for the development of their projects and ideas.  

Art and Art History Majors and Minors:
Art and Art History Majors: All majors are required to take Art 200 and Art 251. It is recommended that they take both in their first year. Additionally, six additional Art or Art History courses are required, at least three of which must be 300 or 400 level art history courses.

Studio Art Concentration: Students who plan to major in Art and Art History with a concentration in Studio should be aware that many upper level studio courses have pre-reqs that include Art 251 plus two Intermedia courses of their choice.  Intended Studio majors are also required to take: 1. Contemporary Practices: Junior Seminar in Spring of Junior year (4 cr), 2. Studio Art Senior Seminar in Fall of their Senior Year (0 cr), and 3. SCE Studio Senior Capstone Experience in Spring of their Senior Year (4 cr).  Studio Majors are also strongly encouraged to take Art 320: Twentieth-Century Art by their sophomore year. 

Art History Concentration: Students who plan to major in Art and Art History with a concentration in Art History are also required to take 1. Junior Seminar: Methods of Art History in Spring of Junior year (4 cr), and 2. SCE Art History Senior Capstone Experience in Spring of their Senior Year (4 cr).  

Minors: Art and Art History minors are required to take Art 200, Art 251, and 3 additional classes at the 300 or 400 level in art and/or art history.

Any Questions? Please direct any questions on the new curriculum to Studio Art Faculty: Prof. Heather Harvey or Prof Benjamin Bellas