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Student Environmental Alliance

Student Environmental Alliance

The Student Environmental Alliance (SEA) promotes the ecological health of the campus, Chestertown community, and Chesapeake Bay region. 

  • Washington College students are leading a campaign to increase access to refillable water bottle stations. Their efforts reduce the cost, waste, and carbon emissions of single-use disposable plastic water bottles.
  • What happens when you spend your early childhood traveling the seas? For Kailani Clarke ’20, who lived with her family aboard a 45-foot sailboat for five years, cruising heightened her awareness of human impact on the natural world and helped inform her decision to live her life as an environmental advocate.

  • From the Casey Academic Center to the Appalachian Trail, members of the Student Environmental Alliance traveled to the Shenandoah Valley to spend spring break camping in the mountains.

  • Inspired by permaculture, Washington College students question the consequences of agriculture and begin to establish a perennial polyculture to produce food on campus.

  • The Student Environmental Alliance at Washington College established a garden to promote campus sustainability and experiential learning.
  • Washington College students and alumni explain the significance of volunteering for our communities on a personal, local, and global level.
  • The Student Environmental Alliance at Washington College joined a demonstration coordinated by the Sassafras River Association to protect the ecological health of the Eastern Shore landbase and waterways.
  • Students have the power to make a change on campus and in the town, and SEA has inspired and led many of the initiatives that make Washington College a more sustainable campus.SEA welcomes all majors and disciplines to join at weekly meetings and events. SEA primarily focuses on: Promoting awareness of local, national, and international environmental issues and concerns. 

Established Initiatives

Join the Cause!

So you understand the benefits (and drawbacks) of recycling. You see value in growing food locally and composting. You enjoy hiking and camping. You dig community service. You like learning about wildlife. Sound like you?

Sign up for our listserv or contact Rachel Martinez (rmartinez3@washcoll.edu) to get involved!

College Advocacy

SEA inspires ecological thinking at the College and our members get to weigh in on administrative issues. 

Starting with Sustainability

Sustainability means that we aren’t degenerating the world we inhabit. SEA works toward making the College a regenerative campus. 

Recent topics SEA has advocated

1) Director of Sustainability in Strategic Plan
2) Environmental Science Department
3) Environmental Studies Honor Society
4) Waterfront campus LEED certification
5) Green dorm
6) Environmental headquarters
7) Plastic water bottle ban