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Student Environmental Alliance

About SEA

The Student Environmental Alliance (SEA) promotes the ecological health of the campus, Chestertown community, and Chesapeake Bay region. 

Established Initiatives

  • Campus garden 
  • Earthen Oven
  • Compost
  • Environmental immersion and outreach

Join the Cause!

So you understand the benefits (and drawbacks) of recycling. You see value in growing food locally and composting. You enjoy hiking and camping. You dig community service. You like learning about wildlife. Sound like you?

Sign up for our listserv or contact Rachel Martinez (rmartinez3@washcoll.edu) to get involved!

College Advocacy

SEA inspires ecological thinking at the College and our members get to weigh in on administrative issues. 

Starting with Sustainability

Sustainability means that we aren’t degenerating the world we inhabit. SEA works toward making the College a regenerative campus. 

Recent topics SEA has advocated

1) Director of Sustainability in Strategic Plan
2) Environmental Science Department
3) Environmental Studies Honor Society
4) Waterfront campus LEED certification
5) Green dorm
6) Environmental headquarters
7) Plastic water bottle ban

Our Top 3 Questions

  • Is civilization sustainable? What is progress?

    SEA is involved in many hands-on projects that challenge our perception of how the world works, and raise thoughtful discussions about the role of humans in the environment.

  • Do you need a background in the environment to join SEA?

    Everyone has a background in the environment by virtue of living in it! SEA attracts students from a variety of disciplines who have an inquisitive outlook on our culture. 

  • Does SEA participate in environmental protests?

    Yes! We’re often asked to support environmental causes, but we always consider the complex issues before doing so.