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Musicians’ Union

The MU Experience

The Musicians’ Union is composed of a group of student musicians who enhance campus social life through the avenue of the arts. The club is open to anyone who wishes to participate and share his or her creativity.

Previously, the Musicians’ Union participated in a hunger benefit, which they recorded and hope to release on CD as a fundraiser for charity. The most popular union event is the annual Tribute Show, in which the union pays homage to a great and storied band. Past tributes include U2, Pearl Jam, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd. The Musicians’ Union continues to heighten creativity and helps focus the liberal arts experience on originality, dedication and social cohesion.

The MU exists to:

  • create an welcoming environment that supports student musicians of all talent levels from professionals to those who are just learning to play with others.

  • provide a practice place for students to hone their craft as well as provide essential equipment (amplifiers, drums, PA system, mikes, etc.) so that students can simply come down with their instrument in hand, plug in and play. All types of music are supported and acoustic and electric guitarists are equally welcome.

  • provide the support for  open mike nights and similar shows on campus

All students are welcome to join the MU, including those who desire not to play but to be supportive of musical performance on campus.  There are no dues, but it is expected that MU members will treat each other and the MU practice space with courtesy. 


Practice Spaces:
  • A large space in Cain Basement appropriate for practices involving many musicians. 

  • A smaller space in Gibson that is shared with the Music Department that is appropriate for 2-4 musicians practicing at low volumes.

MU’s Equipment:
  • 2 drum kits
  • several tube and solid state guitar and bass amplifiers
  • a keyboard
  • a PA system
  • mikes and mike stands
  • a collection of stompboxes and effects
  • various musical instruments
  • a small but effective computer-based recording interface 
MU rules:
  • Athletic teams practice above the MU room in Cain Gym and Coaches have offices above the room; the WAC sports information director’s office is directly above the MU room. Therefore no drums or amplified music before 9 pm on weekdays and at times when athletic events are scheduled in the Cain gym.  Excessive sound levels will result in loss of privileges.

  • MU equipment belongs to the MU and should stay in the MU practice rooms unless the event is an MU sponsored event conducted by MU members.  Campus entertainment venues in the student center have their own sound systems.  In rare cases,  an MU member with an event on campus at a sanctioned event can receive permission in writing from the MU president or the MU treasurer to briefly borrow equipment for a non-MU event.  Loaner forms can be obtained from the MU President or Treasurer and must be countersigned by either prior to borrowing the equipment.  In general, such loans are not a good idea.  A person who borrows MU equipment is responsible for its return or replacement should the equipment not be returned in a timely fashion.

Past Events:

  • MU members tour the Paul Reed Smith factory

  • Paul Reed Smith and the PRS band visit Washington College

  • see a video about the MU

  • see an update to the progress of the MU


  • Music and Tab books with backing tracks in the Miller Library
  • Off-site MU website
  • WAC alumni who are now professionals

The MU: It’s YOUR Musicians’ Union!  Do something ‘noteworthy’ and get involved!