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Our Projects

Let’s Can Hunger & Garden Boxes

The Campbell’s Let’s Can Hunger Project Partnership, sponsored by Campbell Soup Company, spurs team members to measure and demonstrate a comprehensive approach to addressing hunger, including organizing and executing food drives for urgent hunger relief and empowering those in need to defeat the cycle of hunger.

Our Enactus team takes this a few steps further in building garden boxes—mobile, reusable gardens that allow low-income families to continuously grow organic fruits and vegetables, providing the means to end hunger.

Shore Marketing

ShoreMarketing is a not-for-profit marketing group which helps other non-profit organizations in the Kent County community to better advertise themselves to their target audience. We began our journey with the Kent Association of Riding Therapy last year and expanded our outreach and assistance to Chesapeake Voyagers and Upper Shore Aging.

Green Marina

The Green Marina project is focused on helping local marinas become more environmentally friendly. This project incorporates the planning for better hazardous waste disposal practices, planting buffer strips to aid with run-off, and the development of an oyster breeding basket to help discourage sediment build-up on top of the oysters, allowing them to filter water more efficiently and decrease the amount of time breeders need to spend taking care of them.

Junior Achievement

The Junior Achievement program of Kent County teaches financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills, and other education-related skills to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students in all five elementary schools within the county. To accomplish this feat, we provide compact kits with complete manuals and materials for our Washington College student and community volunteers. Pre and post-tests empirically illustrate the intrinsic and empowering capabilities this program provides for our Kent County students.