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The Rose O'Neill

Literary House

Student-Led Publications

The Rose O’Neill Literary House is home to the College’s Board of Publications, which oversees four student-run publications:  The CollegianThe Elm, The Pegasus, and The Washington College Review. Current students participate in all facets of production, including generating all content, as well as designing, editing, and publishing.


The Collegian, Washington College’s official student features magazine, is published monthly by and for the students. The Collegian office is located in Sears House, also known as “the Pub House.”  

Contact Editor Lily Starr to get involved!  

Faculty Advisor:  James Allen Hall.

2016-2017 Editor in Chief: Lillian Starr.

Read The Collegian and join the group on Facebook.



The Elm is the official campus weekly newspaper, featuring sections on current campus events, opinions, student life, lifestyle, and sports. The Elm office is located in Sears House, also known as “the Pub House.”  

Interested in joining? Contact Editor Cat Righter to get involved.  

The Elm office is located in Sears House, also known as “the Pub House.”  

Faculty Advisor:  Melissa McIntire.

2016-2017 Editor in Chief: Catalina Righter.

Read The Elm.



The Pegasus is the annual Washington College student yearbook, published online. Through theme, text, photographs, video, and design, the yearbook tells the story of Washington College students and their multifaceted lives, both here in Chestertown and beyond the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The yearbook’s goal is to serve as a time capsule for current and future generations.  

The Media Interns working on The Pegasus are located at The Rose O’Neill Literary House. Interested in becoming an intern? Find more information on our Internships page.

Faculty Advisor:  James Allen Hall.

2016-2017 Project Manager:  Lily Starr.



The WC Review is a liberal arts journal that publishes undergraduate student writing and graphic art from all disciplines of the College. The WC Review is published annually by the Literary House Press.  

The Washington College Review is on hiatus for 2016. It will return in 2017 with a redesign.