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Geographic Information Systems


The Washington College Crime Mapping and Analysis Center works to assist law enforcement agencies in tracking crime in their jurisdictions.

Our main objective is to create a map product to assist law enforcement agencies that wish to use visuals in an investigation or wish to evaluate the best use of their resources.  Due to our access many datasets, we are able to track crime changes over time and the relation of previous offenders to these locations by creating a density analysis map that shows areas where crime has occurred with on overlay of previous offenders.  We can provide these types of maps on a weekly basis or on a as-needed basis.

One product that we consistently create is what we call our Welcome Wagon Map Series.  We create this map on a monthly basis for each county and it shows the Offenders who have just been released on Parole or Probation within the last 30 days.  This may help if you have had a sudden increase in robberies in your area and it just so happens that there are three offenders that have just been released with a history of robbery.