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Geographic Information Systems

l2 Project

Linkage Analysis Using I2

The linkage analysis project was taken on in January of 2013 with the purpose of combining all of the existing crime data sets available to the Washington College GIS Program into one comprehensive database. The resulting combination of this data has allowed us to create what Governor O’Malley calls “Spider Maps”. These “Spider Maps” reveal connections between criminals that would not have been possible to find without the use of Linkage Analysis tools such as IBM’s i2 suite.

So what is i2? The i2 suite consists of three platforms; Analyst Notebook, iBase and the Intelligence Analysis Platform (IAP). iBase is what stores all of the crime data, Analyst Notebook is what is used to make the actual “Spider Maps”, and IAP is a simpler version of Analyst Notebook which will be available online to all of the Maryland law enforcement community.
Since the beginning of the i2 project, we have started working with smaller police agencies to fulfill “Spider Mapping Requests”. This works much like our “Maps on Demand” program, in which a Maryland Law Enforcement Agency sends us data to map, we fulfill the request, and send it back to that agency. We are currently providing such projects on a routine basis to Harford County Police Department and Anne Arundel County Police Department.
We are currently in progress toward launching our IAP product on the Maryland Offenders Management System (MOMS) to enable law enforcement users statewide to browse our Maryland crime data repository via the web, and even make simple “Spider Maps” inside IAP. Once we accomplish this task, we will begin providing training sessions to law enforcement users to that they may utilize IAP to its fullest potential.