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Student Government Association

About SGA

Technically every single student is a member of the Student Government Association.

There are three branches of the SGA.

The legislative arm is the Student Senate, comprised of the elected board of executive officers as well as an elected group of student representatives known as senators, who help to establish College regulations, standards of conduct, social events, community support, and extracurricular activities. The Student Academic Board considers all matters concerning curriculum, faculty, and teaching. The Honor Board deals with all aspects of student misconduct, including both academic and social misconduct. The executive branch consists of the Executive Board and the Review Board and handles much of the day-to-day functioning of the SGA.

What We Do!

We do it all! From student advocacy to provide financial support to SGA recognized clubs and organizations. We strive to help to create and establish clubs and organizations around campus and provide a voice to the students in student, administrative, and Board of Visitors and Governors affairs. We also provide services such as Safe Ride and the Bike Share Program. We are your guide when it comes to student event planning. We also provide referral services to other departments and outside resources. 

We also strive to help to build academics alongside the faculty and staff, by recognizing Seniors with significant achievements through “SGA Senior Awards.” Also we appoint students to different groups and committees around campus in all affairs in order to stimulate leadership and to help build strong community service and outreach programs alongside campus clubs and organizations.

Our Constitution

The Washington College Student Government Association abides by a Constitution that outlines the powers of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. You can access the most recent version of the Constitution here.