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Kappa Sigma

Rush Kappa Sigma

  • Does Kappa Sigma haze their pledges?

    No. Hazing does not build brotherhood. We develop brotherhood through positive and safe activities. Our international headquarters and code of conduct mandates that we not haze pledges, and we abide by those rules, which you can review below.

  • What do fraternity dues go towards?

    Fraternity dues go towards the national fraternity through fees for insurance, membership, rush materials, and towards leadership conferences, like the national leadership conference last held this past summer in Richmond, VA, and Grand Conclave, which is held every two years and will occur this summer in Dallas, Texas. Dues also go towards chapter costs, including event programming, like formals, upkeep of ritual equipment, recruitment materials, and towards funds directed to the stability of the fraternity. The fraternity aims to keep dues as low as possible and it should be noted that Kappa Sigma currently has the lowest dues of any fraternity on campus. For additional information on dues and chapter finances, please contact Grand Treasurer Shane Benz at sbenz3@washcoll.edu.

  • Where does Kappa Sigma stand on parties and alcohol?

    Our fraternity is nothing like Animal House. Several of the brothers do not drink and there is no pressure by anyone to make anyone else drink. Drinking is your decision, not ours. We have an alcohol policy in our Code of Conduct which we follow closely. Pledges learn during pledge education how to handle situations when alcohol is present, and we believe if you decide to drink, you’ll be prepared to do so responsibly and in good company.


  • What will my parents think? Will they allow me to pledge?

    Kappa Sigma is an extraordinary fraternity with a support system unlike any other. The brothers become your family away from home, and together we make sure we succeed in our years at Washington. Brothers and alumnus advisors of the fraternity are willing to speak with your parents to answer any questions. Parents can also visit the Kappa Sigma Headquarters web site for any additional information or questions about the fraternity.

  • Will pledging take time away from class and hurt my grades?

    No. Pledging Kappa Sigma can in fact will help your grades. Scholarship is one of our cornerstones and we have been recognized for our scholastic achievements by winning the Loving Cup award, which is given to the fraternity with the highest overall cumulative GPA. The pledging process can also be beneficial to you, as pledge education classes requires only a few hours of your time a week and will allow you to connect with your fellow pledges and brothers, who come from a wide range of academic interests and majors, that can offer you help if you need it. For further questions about scholarship activities, please contact Scholarship Chairman Shane Benz at sbenz3@washcoll.edu.


  • What can Kappa Sigma offer to me?

    Kappa Sigma provides many benefits to the men of Washington College. You will have the chance to be a part of a strong brotherhood that is rich with tradition, nationally and locally. This brotherhood focuses on serving the community, so you’ll have the chance to volunteer and serve alongside others that share the same ideals. The brothers are a group of leaders and they’ll motivate you to do more and do better at Washington College. You’ll be part of a group of scholarly men who can tutor and assist you in your studies. Additionally, as a brother there are fun activities in which you can participate with a group of great guys, such as intramural sports and other campus events.

    The brothers of this chapter connect with the brothers of other chapters throughout the United States and Canada, and these connections offer future job possibilities. The fraternity offers outstanding leadership development opportunities to prepare you for campus, community, and career positions as leaders. There is a dynamic academic assistance and cash scholarship opportunity available through annual Scholarship-Leadership awards, which have been granted to several of our brothers.

    Kappa Sigma’s are committed to community service, academic excellence, and building leaders through brotherhood unlike any other campus organization.