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Look Who's Coming

See who RSVP’d for an upcoming event! The names listed below were collected from the WC online forms, not from Facebook events. So if you don’t see your name below, make sure to use the form linked at the right!

  • Last Updated

    February 26, 2015
    Updates do not include RSVPs on Facebook

  • Chicago Toast, Feb. 28
    Steve Cohn P’16
    Loreli Fritz Cohn P’16
    Susan Czechowski ’95
    Jay Derbis ’95
    Ashley Carol-Fingerhut ’14
    Chris Foley ’89
    Lisa Foley ’89
    Richard Foltz ’78
    Lindsay Gash
    Mary McNulty ’75
    David Moore
    Reynold Siersema ’93
    Natalie Smith ’98

  • New England Toast, Mar. 15
    Anne Plumer Fisher ’85
    Dick Ransom P’15
    Loretta West ’72
    Ann Williams

  • Seattle Toast, Feb. 27

    Timothy Appel ’04
    Michael Buccino’99
    Bethany Davies
    Whitney Donald ’10
    Brett Gaba ’99
    Emily Horton
    Conor Mougin ’04
    Mason Smith ’10
    Betsy Stillings ’84
    John Stillings
    Karen Westing ’94