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The Athletic Hall of Fame

Since inductions began in 1981, the Athletics Hall of Fame serves to preserve Washington College’s sport history, to honor excellence within the game, and to make a connection between the generations of people who cheer on our student athletes.

Members of the Selection Committee consider worthy athletics alumni each year for induction into the Hall of Fame in the fall.


New Inductees:

Jesse Wittich Anderson ’83, Women’s Lacrosse

Travis Beauchamp ’99 M’01, Men’s Soccer/Baseball

John Fuller ’99, Men’s Lacrosse

Paul Hooper ’82, Men’s Lacrosse

Michael Kember ’96 M’99, Men’s Tennis

April Podolinsky Fernandes ’00, Softball

Alyssa Wiedenmayer ’99, Women’s Rowing

Dr. Fred Lohr, Athletic Department Physician



The Washington College Alumni Council in 1978, appointed Bernard “Bo” Hardesty, Jr. ’62 as chairman of the Hall of Fame Advisory Committee. The committee composed a set of by-laws and these were reviewed by individuals selected by the committee. The By-Laws were very similar to those used by the Maryland Athletic Hall of Fame. In April of 1979, an Ad Hoc Committee of the Washington College Athletic Hall of Fame, chaired by Basil Tully ’39 was delegated to select a Washington College Hall of Fame Election Committee.

First Meetings

Under the direction of Jay Vogel ’75, Alumni Secretary, the first meeting of the Hall of Fame Committee was held on January 30, 1980. Those attending in addition to Vogel were:

  • Director of Athletics Ed Athey ’47
  • Hurtt Deringer, Jr. ’59
  • Business Manager and Professor Fred Dumschott ’27
  • Dr. Charles B. Clark ‘34
  • Dr. A.C. Dick
  • Lacrosse Coach Don Kelly
  • Larry Leonard ’52
  • George Reddish ’65
  • Vice-President of Development George Hayward
  • President of the College Dr. Joseph McLain ’37
  • Basil Tully ’39