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The Athletic Hall of Fame

Since inductions began in 1981, the Athletic Hall of Fame serves to preserve Washington College’s sport history, to honor excellence within the game, and to make a connection between the generations of people who cheer on our student athletes.

2016 Inductees
Matthew T. Burke ’84 - Baseball
M. Michael Cordrey ’75 - Lacrosse
Margaret Lee Klag Eshenour ’04 - Swimming
Laura Scimeca Gibson ’05 M ’09 - Field Hockey, Softball
John G. Haus III - Men’s Lacrosse Coach
Trevor Christian Hurd ’93 - Tennis
Jose LeJarraga ’02 - Tennis
Erin O’Neal ’91 - Lacrosse, Field Hockey
Betty Ann Weller Reed ’03 - Lacrosse, Soccer
Roger Lee Smoot, Jr. ’56 - Soccer, Baseball
Jeremy M. Stoehr ’00 - Lacrosse
Peter Wesley Taylor ’04 - Tennis
Richard Lyle Yost ’04 - Lacrosse
For more information on the 13 new inductees, click here.
The Selection Committee

Members of the Selection Committee consider worthy Athletics alumni each year for induction into the Hall of Fame in the fall.

George L. Buckless, Jr. ’69 - Chair
Bryan L. Matthews ’75 M’86 - Treasurer
Dorsey H. Bramble ’74 - Secretary
Charlie Athey ’01
C. Lawrence Brandenburg, Jr. ’50
Sarah Feyerherm
R. Cregar Fleetwood ’03
R. Bruce Jaeger ’66
William R. Janney ’76
Lanae King ’01
Eleanor Shriver Magee ’93
Betty Weller Reed ’03
Fannie Shenk ’84
Al Streelman ’69
Phil Ticknor
Basil Wadkovsky ’61
Fred N. Wyman P’93