What Can WC Do For Me?
Whatever path you choose,
dream big.
You may be suprised how much you accomplish, and how far you will go.
of alumni are
working or in
grad school within
months of graduation
have been accepted to grad school at graduation
of alumni at mid-career hold executive leadership positions
of those who participated in the inaugural Washington College to Wall Street program completed an internship and are now either working in the field or attending graduate school immediately after college.
Beyond The Classroom
Internships pay off.
Last summer, the College directed $244,000 to more than 200 students for learning experiences beyond the classroom.
On average,
of all college interns are offered full-time jobs while conducting their internships.
The National Security Scholars Program—open to students from only seven Maryland colleges—offers
$15,000 scholarships,
$1,000 weekly paychecks,
and fast-tracked federal security clearance to summer interns working for defense contractors or the NSA.
Washington College is one of just five colleges invited
to send student
interns to NOAA.
Last year, five students were accepted.
65% of all Washington College students conduct an internship
and an additional 14%participate in a hands-on practicum or student-teaching internship in area schools.
The College’s Geographic Information Systems lab employs more than
60 students
each year for contractual work for government agencies and businesses.
After an internship that gave him hands-on Spanish-speaking business experience in Santiago, Chile, Ryan Bankert ’13 landed a full-time job with a global firm that has branches in Latin America. Ryan is now rotating through the different divisions of Stanley Black & Decker.
Abigail Schwartz ’13, a double major in economics and business management, interned with Booz Allen Hamilton for two consecutive summers—and then was hired by the technology consulting company that works with government and business leaders.
Lily Britt ’16, majoring in business and French, interned with Pimkie, a women’s clothing retailer headquartered in Paris.
Sean Scarpiello ’14, a biology major and premed candidate, interned at Children’s National Medical Center, where he shadowed residents, cardiology fellows and doctors in the pediatric cardiology unit. As an intern, he also attended weekly surgical conferences and sat in on open-heart surgeries.
Julia Erbe ’14, an environmental studies major, interned last summer with the environmental law firm of Bergeson & Campbell in Washington, D.C.
Audry Kossman ’09, a former clinical psych intern, is a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology the Palo Alto University in California. Her professional interests include rehabilitation psychology and clinical neuropsychology.
Matt Streeter ’13, a double major in chemistry and psychology, entertained offers from eight PhD programs before enrolling at Yale University.
Tim Marcin, the 2013 Sophie Kerr Prize winner, is studying journalism at Northwestern University. The English major was sports editor of the campus newspaper and spent one summer interning for Comcast Sportsnet in Philadelphia.
Sarah Masker ’14, a double major in English and Hispanic studies, has earned a Fulbright Scholarship to travel to Brazil, where she’ll teach university-level English.
Environmental Studies
Elle O’Brien ’11 is the education and outreach coordinator for the Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy, a job the organization offered her after her paid internship with the Chesapeake Conservation Corps. As an undergraduate, Elle interned with the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.
Rachel Field ’11, a former intern with the College’s Center for Environment & Society, is enrolled in joint programs at Yale University, pursuing master’s degrees in environmental management and divinity.
People Who Can Help
Career Guidance
James Allison
Director of Career Development
Washington College To Wall Street
Vickey Sawyer, M.S., L.C.P.C.
Associate Director, Career Center
Internships & Externships
Andrea Lange
Assistant Dean for Academic Initiatives
Collaborative Programs
Hui-Ju Tsai
Alex Brown Investment Fund