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Feel free to drop us a line. To contact us:

(410) 778-7700 (Admissions)

(410) 778-7214 (Student Financial Aid)


Find your Counselor

Let’s face it: the college search process can be a little intimidating. Relax! Someone at Washington College is here to help.

We have fifteen admissions counselors and six support staff members who are made available to you throughout the entire admissions process. 

Your assigned counselor may visit your high school, be in your area for a College Night, meet with you on campus during your visit, and will be the first person to read your application for admission when you’re ready to apply.

Admissions Counselors 

  • Sarah Beresik ’15
    Sarah Beresik ’15

    Admissions Representative

    DE (New Castle), PA (North Central, Northwestern, Southwestern, Allegheny)

  • Patrick Cahill ’14
    Patrick Cahill ’14

    Admissions Representative

    DE (Sussex County), NY (Long Island)

  • Madeline Martin
    Madeline Martin

    Admissions Representative

    DE (Kent County), MN, MO

  • Obella Obbo ’14
    Obella Obbo ’14

    Admissions Representative

  • Todd Cooley ’15
    Todd Cooley ’15

    Admissions Counselor

    Western Maryland, PA (Bucks, Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, Northeastern)

  • Joanna Poole
    Joanna Poole

    Admissions Counselor

    CT, NJ (Northern and Central), NY

  • Britt Weaver ’14
    Britt Weaver ’14

    Admissions Counselor

    MA, ME, NH, RI, VA (Central, Richmond, Southside, Tidewater, Shenandoah, Southwest), VT, WV

  • Stephan Jordan ’12
    Stephan Jordan ’12

    Assistant Director; Executive Assistant to the VP of Enrollment

    Puerto Rico, MD (Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Talbot), Middle East, South Asia

  • Kelsey Kemp ’10
    Kelsey Kemp ’10

    Assistant Director

    Southern New Jersey, Camden & Burlington, Jersey Shore & Pinelands

  • Sam Shoge
    Sam Shoge

    Assistant Director

    D.C., MD (Calvert, Charles, Montgomery, Prince George’s and St. Mary’s Co.), VA (Arlington & Alexandria, Fairfax, North Central)

  • Betsey Fuller Hayes
    Betsey Fuller Hayes

    Western Regional Director

    AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, NV, OR, UT, WA

  • Jonathan Webb ’06
    Jonathan Webb ’06

    Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

    Greater Baltimore Area, PA (Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Southeastern)

  • Hannah Hollis
    Hannah Hollis

    Southern Regional Director

    AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN

  • Aundra (Weissert) Anderson ’08
    Aundra Anderson ’08

    Associate Director

    AR, CO, KS, MD (Caroline, Dorchester, Wicomico, Somerset, Worcester Co.) MT, ND, NE, NM, OK, SD, TX, WY

  • Tony Littlefield
    Tony Littlefield

    Senior Associate Director

    Transfer & International, MD (Anne Arundel & Howard Co.), Guam, VI

Admissions Staff 

Student Ambassadors

  • Tori Alpaugh
    Tori Alpaugh

    Class of 2016

    Environmental Science, Chesapeake Regional Studies / Biology, Anthropology

  • Lily Britt
    Lily Britt

    Class of 2016

    Business Management, Global Business / French Studies

  • Heidi Butler
    Heidi Butler

    Class of 2018

    American Studies, Music

  • Skyler Clark
    Skyler Clark

    Class of 2018

    Biology, Chemistry / Pre-Med

  • Rebecca DeSantis
    Rebecca DeSantis

    Class of 2016

    International Studies, French/Near Eastern Studies

  • Kaitlyn Doyle
    Kaitlyn Doyle

    Class of 2016

    Biology / Pre-Nursing

  • Iann Flinn
    Iann Flinn

    Class of 2016

    Psychology / Business Management, Secondary Education

  • Debashish Goenka
    Debashish Goenka

    Class of 2018

    Business Management / Economics

  • Sean Granata
    Sean Granata

    Class of 2016

    Biology / Business Managment, Chemistry

  • Erin Gutkind
    Erin Gutkind

    Class of 2016


  • Sarah Hawkins
    Sarah Hawkins

    Class of 2018

    Hispanic Studies, Psychology / Clinical Counseling

  • Chris Koch
    Chris Koch

    Class of 2016

    History / Justice, Law & Society

  • Jada Lee
    Jada Lee

    Class of 2017

    Biology / Drama

  • Nadine Massad
    Nadine Massad

    Class of 2016

    Economics / French, Math, Finance & Accounting

  • Sierra Montuori
    Sierra Montuori

    Class of 2017

    Psychology / Dance

  • David Mooney
    David Mooney

    Class of 2016

    Business Management / Hispanic Studies, Economics

  • Pat Morgan
    Pat Morgan

    Class of 2016

    Economics / Business, Psychology

  • Hannah Niles
    Hannah Niles

    Class of 2018

    Secondary Education

  • Ekta Panigrahi
    Ekta Panigrahi

    Class of 2016

    Political Science

  • Tim Regan
    Tim Regan

    Class of 2017

    Political Science / Economics

  • Emani Silva
    Emani Silva

    Class of 2018

    Biology / Chemistry / Pre-Med

  • Derek Stiles
    Derek Stiles

    Class of 2017

    Political Science, Economics / Justice, Law & Society

  • Olivia Szczerba
    Olivia Szczerba

    Class of 2016

    Anthropology / Business Management

  • Richie Torres
    Richie Torres

    Class of 2018

    Environmental Studies, Psychology / English

  • Audrey J. Utchen
    Audrey Utchen

    Class of 2017

    Business Management / Finance and Accounting / Economics

  • Anna Windle
    Anna Windle

    Class of 2016

    Environmental Science / Biology & Anthropology

Student Bloggers

What’s it like to be a student at WAC? What will my residence hall look like? Will I like my roommate? How will I stay on top of classes and clubs? What clubs can I join? What can I do on the weekends?

Get the answers to these questions and more by reading these student blogs! First-year, sophomore, and junior students post regularly to share their lives with you. 

Feel free to ask them individual questions via the blogs, but if you have a burning question you want answered now, send us an email at  and we’ll answer the same day!

  • Rhea Arora ’18
    Rhea Arora ’18

    Kolkata, India/La Martiniere For Girls
    Major: English & Political Science

    Rhea never stepped foot on campus before enrolling at Washington College, but she just got that feeling - even through a computer - that this was the place for her. Adjusting to college far away from her home in India is an adventure. Learn more about Rhea’s coffee-loving journey on her blog, “Express(o).”

  • Caroline Cox ’19
    Caroline Cox ’19

    Forest, VA/Jefferson Forest HS
    Major: Math & Computer Science
    Minor: Dance

    Dance along with Caroline throughout her freshman year on her blog “A Goose on the Loose.” A liberal arts education is all about being well-rounded, and between math, computer science, and dance that’s exactly what Caroline is doing.

  • Hannah Foster ’19
    Hannah Foster ’19

    Brewster, NY/Brewster HS
    Major: International Studies
    Minor: Chinese

    Hannah epitomizes WAC’s motto of “unhurried conversations” with her blog, “Teacups and Textbooks.” She’s just a freshman but already she’s spent a year in Malaysia during high school, which inspired her choice in majors - international studies.

  • Kaitlyn Fowler ’17
    Kaitlyn Fowler ’17

    Phoenix, MD/Hereford HS
    Major: Drama & English

    Kaitlyn is stumbling into adulthood at Washington College. She loves to write, act, and answer any questions you may have as you also take the leap into college. As a sophomore at WC, Kaitlyn has learned the ropes of the drama department and has found a place to call her second home - Gibson Center for the Arts, the drama and music building on campus.

  • Andrea Freemann ’18
    Andrea Freemann ’18

    Estell Manor, NJ/Buena Regional HS
    Major: Biology
    Concentration: Biochemistry

    As a sophomore, Andrea has WAC pretty much figured out, but she’s still discovering all the new “wacky” things this college has to offer. “Tales of a Sophomore Girl” is a great place to start if you’re interested in biology, premed, or simply life on campus.

  • Emily Green ’18
    Emily Green ’18

    Avon, CT/Miss Porter’s School
    Major: Biology
    Concentration: Pre-Nursing

    Emily is on her way to becoming a nurse, but first she has make it past the daily hurdles of college life. This authentic blog titled “Almost Nursey Things” is sure to make you laugh, and is perfect for anyone interested in biology or nursing.

  • Jillian Kral ’19
    Jillian Kral ’19

    Clarksville, MD/River Hill HS
    Major: Biology & History
    Minor: French

    Jillian exposes all the fun surprises Chestertown and Washington College has to offer a first-year student in her blog “Willful Fox.” Her eye for fashion and photography is not all this light-hearted blog has to offer. Check out what Jillian is all about on her blog!

  • Caitlyn Maltese ’17
    Caitlyn Maltese ’17

    For Caitlyn, college was just a hop over the Chesapeake Bay from her home in Annapolis. She found her own piece of paradise, here in the small town of Chestertown. She’s an English major and loves to read, write, and take photographs.

  • Brian McCloskey ’19
    Brian McCloskey ’19

    Morton, PA/Springfield HS
    Major: Business

    Brian’s involvement at WAC goes far beyond academics - he’s also an avid athlete participating in both baseball and basketball and a tech guy for the campus’ Help Desk. Check out his blog “Shomen Show” for business, computers, sports, and everything in between.

  • Selin Omurbek ’17
    Selin Omurbek ’17

    Istanbul, Turkey/Terakki Vakfi Okullari HS
    Major: Business Management

    Selin is only at WAC for one semester, but already she’s making it her new home despite being so far away from her home in Turkey. As a self-proclaimed fitness-addict and future chef, she’s conquering America one step at a time. Read more on her blog “Blondie Conquers USA.”

  • Courtney Schock ’16
    Courtney Schock ’16

    Dover, DE/Caesar Rodney HS
    Major: Biology
    Concentration: Pre-Med

    Courtney is new the team, but she’s not new to Washington College. She’s your typical senior “Toll Troll” (aka science junkie), but with a sense of humor. Curious what a “Toll Troll” is? Check out her blog “Toll Trolling Around.”

  • Emma Way ’16
    Emma Way ’16

    Newark, DE/Newark HS
    Major: Political Science (concentration African Studies)
    Minors: English, Anthropology

    Emma is the oldie of the team as a senior and aspiring journalist. She’s gotten the unique opportunity to study abroad not once, not twice, but three times. Learn more about the study abroad opportunities Washington College has to offer at her blog “Tales of a WACky Girl.”