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Omicron Delta Kappa

Omicron Delta Kappa

Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Leadership Honor Society for college men and women, was founded in order to recognize and encourage superior leadership by persons of exemplary character in the areas of academics, athletics, service, journalism, and creative arts.

What is OΔK? 

Washington College’s Alpha Psi Circle of OΔK, established in 1937, recognizes the college’s most outstanding student leaders. To support leadership education, the Alpha Psi Circle sponsors and organizes a series of colloquia, talks, and special events throughout the year. The national scope of OΔK  can be found at www.odk.org


Membership in Omicron Delta Kappa is as much an obligation and responsibility in leadership as it is a mark of highest distinction and honor. Membership is awarded to undergraduate junior and senior students. Student membership candidates must rank in the upper 35 percent of their class.  You must also show significant leadership in at least one of the five phases of campus life:

1. Scholarship
2. Athletics
3. Campus or Community Service, Social and Religious Activities, and Campus Government
4. Journalism, Speech and the Mass Media
5. Creative and Performing Arts

OΔK Officers

Faculty Advisor
Donald Munson, Professor of Biology
Curator, McLain Program in Environmental Studies

Faculty Secretary
Michael Harvey, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Business Management

Eshan Patel, Biology and Psychology double-major
President, Health Occupations Students of America
Resident Assistant
Phi Beta Kappa 

“Leadership is about empowering others through motivation and demonstration.  Leaders listen to others, learn from everyone, and go beyond what is expected.  Even the quietist and shyest individual can be a leader if they can embody their vision.  Leaders also remember to be the person everyone needs for that extra push.  They are honest with others, and honest with themselves.  Leaders realize when they need help, use their resources, and then acknowledge those who helped them along the way.” 

Vice President
Molly Leach, Psychology major
Writing Center tutor
Phi Beta Kappa 

“When I think of a leader I think of a person who knows who they are and what they can do to make a positive impact in the world.  A leader acts as a role model and motivates others by example. One should be able to bring back the knowledge and skills that they have learned and share them with their community.  Sharing your own experiences can influence others to go out in the world and bring back their own stories. Leadership creates a positive influential chain to help everyone in the community.” 

Nich Tremper, Economics and International Studies double-major
President, Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Financial Controller, SGA
Resident Assistant

“Leadership is about the ability to give back. It’s merely the act of taking ownership in whatever you do. One doesn’t have to have a title to be a leader, but s/he knows that his or her actions matter and so a leader is somebody who actively works to bring about a better organization, group or event. You shouldn’t take a leadership position so that you can list it on your resume or because you’re the only one who can do the specific task.  Instead, you should take ownership of everything you do.” 

Isabell Blakey, Psychology major
President, Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity
President, Psi Chi  

“Leadership in my opinion should never be a given, it should be earned with hard work, devotion, and elegance.  A leader should have the ability to persuade and explain things in a civil and respectful manner.  A leader is an individual that possesses the ability to delegate responsibility.  A leader knows when to make decisions, but also knows when to give the decision to the group to discuss and decide. A leader can visualize the big picture for the best outcome, but also pay attention to detail when needed.”

Membership Chair
Carolyn Bevans, Art History and Humanities double-major
Co-Founder, Cross Country Club
Art History Peer Tutor
Resident Assistant  

“Leadership is about bringing people together to make a difference. In order to lead, one must be able to think innovatively, communicate effectively, and serve as an inspiration to others. I believe in a world that is pregnant with possibility and potential; therefore you must always be open to new ideas and collaboration. I like to focus largely on conflict resolution to promote harmony within a group.”


Initiated Members

Class of 2013

  • Amanda Anastasia
  • Ryan Bankert
  • Kyle Benk
  • Carolyn Bevans
  • Jasmine Bibbs
  • Maryjean Blakey
  • Sophie Braunstein
  • Tyler Brice
  • Danielle Clark
  • Maegan Clearwood
  • Tyler Cotterell
  • Katie DeRosa
  • Sarah Douglass
  • Gary Fenstamaker
  • Sophia H. Gassman
  • Taylor Goss
  • Aubrey Hastings
  • Ellen Huffman
  • Olivia Kittel
  • Julia Krout
  • Megan Kummerlowe
  • Molly Leach
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Sarah Masker
  • Laurie McDade
  • Parker McIntosh
  • Kelsey Mills
  • Gen Murphy
  • Jessica O’Brien
  • Eshan Patel
  • Christopher Paul
  • Mariah Perkins
  • Devin Reilly
  • Amanda Regan
  • Marissa Restaino
  • Matthew Streeter
  • Rebecca Sussman
  • Gabrielle Tarbert
  • Katherine Thornton
  • Nich Tremper
  • Amanda Venable

Class of 2014

  • Brandon Citrano
  • James Comotto
  • Jared DePermentier
  • Eleanor Field
  • Samantha Gross
  • Emily Hoyle
  • Christopher Miller
  • Carly Ogren
  • Lindsay Robeson
  • Robert Robinson
  • Sean Scarpiello
  • Jeffrey Sullivan
  • Corrinne Staub
  • Abigail Thomas
  • Brittany Weaver
  • Hannah Weiss
  • Lauren White

Class of 2015

  • Maria Hynson

Resident Faculty, Staff, and Friends

  • Louise Amick
  • Kate Bennett
  • Clayton Black
  • Garry Clarke
  • John Conkling
  • Martin Connaughton
  • Frank Creegan
  • Tom Finnegan
  • Richard Gillin
  • Michael Harvey
  • Joseph Holt
  • Rebecca Jayne
  • Ryan Kelty
  • Michael Kerchner
  • James Lipchock
  • Lauren Littlefield
  • Todd Lineburger
  • Katherine Maynard
  • Ed Maxcy
  • Donald McColl
  • Donald Munson
  • Joseph Prud’homme
  • Mitchell Reiss
  • Mindy Reynolds
  • Terry Scout
  • Janet Sorrentino
  • Jeanette Sherbondy
  • George Spilich
  • Kate Verville
  • Dave Wharton