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Graduate Program

M.A. in Psychology

Build a strong foundation. Students in our M.A. program have the opportunity to extend their understanding of the methods of psychology.

As a student, you be able to critically evaluate psychological literature and theories and study applications of psychology to such fields as clinical/counseling psychology, tests and measurements, behavioral neuroscience, and developmental psychology.

Requirements for the Degree

A total of 10 courses are required for the degree. Six are required courses and represent competency both in methods and in cognate areas.

To complete the methods requirement, students must successfully complete a two-semester sequence in statistics and design (PSY 500 & 508). To satisfy the cognate requirement, students must successfully complete four courses selected from the three cognate areas (biological, experimental, applied) according to the following conditions:

  • at least one course must be selected from each of the three cognate areas
  • at least two courses must be selected from either the biological or the experimental area

Courses which count for each cognate area are:

  • Biological: 502, 517, 520
  • Experimental: 501, 503, 510, 511, 530, 540, 550
  • Applied: 541, 560, 570, 571, 572, 575, 580, 581, 582, 590.

The remaining four courses for the degree may be electives chosen by the student.

Students majoring in Psychology may elect to undertake a master’s thesis. The thesis will consist of an original experimental research project. Theoretical or discursive papers will be unacceptable. A student electing the thesis option begins by registering for Psychology 601, Thesis, with the permission of a research adviser selected by the student. Successful completion of Psychology 601 and the recommendations of the research adviser are prerequisites for Psychology 602. Psychology 601 and 602 together comprise the thesis option and substitute for six hours of formal course work. Once a student completes Psychology 601 and elects Psychology 602, the student must select a research committee, consisting of two members of the Psychology faculty (including the research adviser) and one member from a related discipline. Five years from the semester in which Psychology 601 is elected are allowed for successful completion of the thesis. A student must undertake an oral defense of the completed thesis, following research committee approval of the project, and the advisor’s recommendation of the student for the oral examination.