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Cater Society of Junior Fellows

A Companionship of Learning

The Douglass Cater Society of Junior Fellows is the College’s flagship academic enrichment program. 

The Society rewards creativity, initiative and intellectual curiosity with competitive grants to support self-directed undergraduate research and scholarship anywhere in the world. The intent is to bring together the best and brightest in what founder Douglass Cater called “a companionship of learning.” 

Requiring a grade point average of 3.6 or better, membership in the Cater Society is offered to students who achieve distinction among the school’s top scholars. At Society meetings—open to the entire student body and to faculty and staff—Junior Fellows who have completed their independent projects funded by the Society give short presentations about their experiences. The Cater Society of Junior Fellows also sponsors several social events throughout the year.

Junior Fellows grants are highly competitive. To receive project funding, applicants are expected to prepare well-crafted proposals for consideration by the Junior Fellows Advisory Council, comprising the Provost and Dean of the College, the Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs, the Chairs of the three Divisions (or their designates), the Curator, and the Student President and Vice President of the Society.

For more information, e-mail Curator Aaron Lampman.

Recent Projects

A Study of the Evolution of Civil Society in Cambodia

Internship with the Center for International Policy in Washington, DC

Internship with British Museum

Internship with Hansard Scholars Program in London

Internship with New York Stage and Film

Researching Youth Well-Bring with an Aboriginal Controlled Agency in Australia

Internship with National Endowment of the Arts

Launching a Pilot Program to Close the Black-White Achievement Gap in Schools

Dramaturgy internship with Philadelphia Theatre Company

Internship with International Human Rights Commission in Geneva, Switzerland

Internship with St. Jude Medical Center

Volunteer Projects in South Africa and Cambodia