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Your First Year

Filmmaking and Photography Boot Camps

A Crash Course in Artistic Expression

Are you interested in photography or digital filmmaking? These two parallel workshops will take you from the basics to intermediate and advanced photo and video topics. Welcome to our Boot Camps!

Workshop topics include HD video production, storyboarding, sound capture, studio and location lighting, GoPro & DSLR cameras, editing and effects, software (including Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Photomatix, and smart phone apps), photojournalism, underwater photography, time lapse and motion control, high dynamic range (HDR), wildlife and landscape photography, macro photography, and much more!

You’ll get your hands on cutting edge professional equipment, and learn to push the limits of your own gear. During the week, time will be split between in-studio workshops, location productions, and shoots around campus and Chestertown. You will also spend time on the Chester River and Chesapeake Bay for unique and breathtaking creative opportunities.

These two programs are $450 per student, and limited to a combined 16 participants, first come, first served.