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Johnson Fitness Center

Club Sports

Time to saddle up, lace up, take aim, take a swing, or take a swim. Club Sports are an excellent way to honor the old adage “Work Hard — Play Hard.”

  • Fencing

    President: Simon Belcher

    E-mail: sbelcher2@washcoll.edu


    Advisor: Nicholas Moon

    E-mail: nmoon2@washcoll.edu

  • Men’s Soccer

    President: John Martin

    E-mail: jmartin23@washcoll.edu


    Advisor: Nicholas Moon

    E-mail: nmoon2@washcoll.edu

  • Field Hockey

    President: MacKenzie Bosack

    E-mail: mbosack2@washcoll.edu


    Advisor: Nicholas Moon

    E-mail: nmoon2@washcoll.edu

  • Women’s Lacrosse

    The Washington College Women’s Club Lacrosse Team presents the opportunity to continue playing competitive lacrosse at a non-varsity level. We pick up our sticks for a recreational Fall Ball season but spring brings our main season. We are a member of the Mid-Atlantic Women’s Lacrosse League and compete in the East Division. We travel and host other collegiate club teams including Salisbury, Georgetown, Towson, Loyola, and James Madison University. Our team provides a great way to stay in shape, meet new girls and proudly represent Sho’man pride while playing a sport you love. For more information please email us at washingtonclublax@gmail.com


    President: Caleigh Belkoff
    Email: cbelkoff2@washcoll.edu

    Advisor: Nicholas Moon
    Email: nmoon2@washcoll.edu

  • Wakeboard and Waterski

    The wakeboard/waterski club is looking for enthusiastic skiers. The club is open to students and faculty. We ski right here on the Chester River. The club welcomes new skiers to the sport and encourages folks to come and learn from our pros with over 17 years of combined experience with a “get up guarantee” how could anyone resist? For those with more experience, there is a competitive side to collegiate skiing. Washington College Ski Team competes locally against schools like Virginia Tech, Penn State, William and Mary, and Salisbury. So dig out your suit and hope for warm water and sun!


    President: Tyanna Baker
    Email: tbaker4@washcoll.edu


    Staff Advisor: Ben Armiger
    Email: barmiger2@washcoll.edu

    Advisor: Nicholas Moon
    Email: nmoon2@washcoll.edu

  • Mixed Martial Arts

    The Mixed Martial Arts Club of Washington College provides an effective and realistic training environment for students interested in boxing, Brazilian jui-jitsu and submission fighting. With a heavy emphasis placed on realistic sparring and grappling, this student-driven organization seeks to train its members safely in the growing sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

    President: Adam Glass
    Email: aglass2@washcoll.edu

    Advisor: Nicholas Moon
    Email: nmoon2@washcoll.edu

  • Men’s Rugby

    The Men’s Rugby Team consists of students with varying levels of experience. The experience levels range from no previous experience to many years of experience. Each year, we compete with between 5 and 8 clubs. Practices and home games are held on campus at Shriver Field. Rugby is a great way to meet new people and have fun. NEW MEMBERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!!! 

    President: David Mulhearn
    Email: dmulhearn2@washcoll.edu

    Advisor: Nicholas Moon
    Email: nmoon2@washcoll.edu

  • Men’s Lacrosse

    The Men’s Lacrosse Club is a member of the National College Lacrosse league, participating in the Chesapeake Division, which includes: Johns Hopkins, UMBC, Navy, Salisbury, U of Delaware, and Loyola.

    President: Neil Pervola
    Email: npervola2@washcoll.edu

    Advisor: Nicholas Moon
    Email: nmoon2@washcoll.edu

  • Equestrian

    The Equestrian Team at Washington College is open to all students, regardless of riding ability or experience. Students may choose to be a part of the club, which holds regular meetings, organizes trail rides and participates in horse oriented activities. Students may also join the Equestrian Team, which is the competitive branch of the club. The Washington College Equestrian Team is a member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association.

    President: Lydia Lion
    Email: llion2@washcoll.edu


    Faculty Advisor: Jamie Frees
    Email: jfrees2@washcoll.edu


    Advisor: Nicholas Moon
    Email: jjenkins4@washcoll.edu

  • Sailing

    President: Anna Zastrow

    E-mail:  azatrow2@washcoll.edu


    Advisor: Jonnie Jenkins

    E-mail:  jjenkins4@washcoll.edu

  • Trap and Skeet

    President: Jess O’Brien

    E-mail:  jobrien2@washcoll.edu

    Advisor: Dr. Aaron Amick
    Email: aamick2@washcoll.edu

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